Music Labels Shun Online Distribution

Sony Music executive VP Robert Bowlin says:

“The marketplace has changed. We are in the content business. We don’t have to own the highway necessarily unless it is strategic to do so.”

Segnalato da TechDirt, che invece nota:

“…the simple fact is, thanks to digital technology, the music industry needs to realize that they’re not in the content business. They were never in the content business. They have always been in the content delivery business.

Not understanding that simple fact is the reason they’re in the mess they’re in today – and the fact that they still don’t see that (and, in fact, are moving in the opposite direction) only furthers the notion that the current record labels are dinosaurs that are not long for this world”.

E già che ci siamo, Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme lo suona splendidamente Murray Perahia (3,2 MB).