Troll, nani e ballerine

Parlavamo anche di troll alla BlogFest, e coincidentalmente sul blog di Kevin trovo questo bel post sui troll che riprende John C. Mahler:

“The problem is further compounded by professional writers who promote trolling, with the thought that they are increasing their own readership. It’s no coincidence that the most-read trolls are created by professional writers. They have essentially suckered thousands of newbies, mavens, and just plain folk into trolling, solely to get return links in the form of the blogrolls and citations. This is, in fact, a remarkably slick grassroots marketing scheme that is in many ways awesome, albeit insincere.

Unfortunately, at some point, people will realize they’ve been used. This will happen sooner rather than later, since many mainstream publishers now see the opportunity for exploitation. Thus you find professionally written and edited faux trolls appearing on MSNBC’s site, the Washington Post site, and elsewhere. This seems to be where trolling is headed—Big Media. So much for the independent thinking and reporting that are supposed to earmark blog journalism.”

Mi pare fotografi bene anche la realtà italiana.