Gasper Como è anche un barber shop a Brooklyn

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Dicono di me su Yelp::

5 minutes into my first cut at Gasper Como, Gasper was on the phone, placing a bet on a race horse.  When his horse lost badly, I feared Gasper might express his disappointment through his clippers, leaving me with a flat-top, or racing stripes, instead of the simple clean cut I was hoping for.  Even though my $12 came nowhere close to covering his losses, Gasper composed himself, and delivered a quality cut.

Don’t expect to emerge a new man from Gasper Como, beaming with haircut-confidence.  For $12, I expect my head to look a little strange for that first week after a haircut.  Still, for the price, you can’t go wrong, and you’ll be back to looking like normal in no-time flat.  With big barber-shop glass windows, old-timey chairs, and a stack of Playboys for reading material, Gasper Como is an anachronistic neighborhood gem.  Plus, if you visit Gasper’s during the holidays, you’ll even get a free shot of booze.

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