iBeacon trials and errors


  • Selected users of the American Airlines app will be sent messages aimed primarily at guiding them round the airport. This will include information about walking time to gates and boarding updates.
    American Airlines says that 65% of passengers arrive at their gate early because they are worried about being late or getting lost.
  • Tesco’s trial began earlier this year in its Chelmsford store. It has said that the technology won’t be used to push out marketing messages, but will instead notify shoppers that their pre-ordered goods are waiting for them.
    Ultimately iBeacons could be a central feature in Tesco’s new beta MyStore app, helping customers to find specific items in-store.

And errors:

  • Initially launched with just 100 users, the trial involved sending marketing messages to customers as they entered one of Eat’s stores.

  • The technology enabled fans at 20 baseball stadiums to check-in at games and receive exclusive offers.

  • Virgin passengers with an electronic boarding pass loaded in their iPhone Passbook app could receive messages relevant to their location within the airport.

  • For example, passengers in the departures section of the airport would be sent special offers such as a commission-free currency exchange.

  • In June Odeon Cinemas announced that it planned to imminently begin trials with iBeacons to welcome people to its cinemas, share information and inform them of special offers.

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