Presence, community, disruption: blogs live

David Weinberger ha scritto un bel post ieri su cosa è stato il fenomeno dei blog agli inizi. David individua tre motivi per cui era importante:

  1. Presence
  2. Community
  3. Disruption

E ricorda i grandi argomenti di discussione che ci hanno infervorato dieci anni fa:

  • Experts vs. Bloggers
  • Professionals vs. Amateurs
  • Newsletters vs. Posts
  • Paid vs. Free
  • Good vs. Fast
  • One-way vs. Engaged
  • Owned vs. Shared
  • Reputation vs. Presence
  • Writing vs. Conversation
  • Journalists vs. Bloggers
  • Objectivity vs.Transparency

Sono molto d’accordo  con le conclusioni di David, che quoto:

So, were we fools living in a dream world during the early days of blogging? I’d be happy to say yes and be done with it. But it’s not that simple. The expectations around engagement, transparency, and immediacy for mainstream writing have changed in part because of blogs. We have changed where we turn for analysis, if not for news. We expect the Web to be easy to post to. We expect conversation. We are more comfortable with informal, personal writing. We get more pissed off when people write in corporate or safely political voices. We want everyone to be human and to be willing to talk with us in public.

A più di dieci anni di distanza, posso bullarmi di averci visto giusto.