“They don’t own the information which makes their service valuable”

Un commento molto sensato al blocco dell’account Facebook di Scoble (stava cercando di esportare automaticamente i suoi contatti) viene da Ian Betteridge, e lo sottoscrivo per intero:

“This is the classic Web 2.0 conundrum: users give their information for free to a service, which then monetizes that information, keeping all of the money for itself.

In its benign form, this works because the service that the users get has more value than the information they give. However, the malignant form of this – and Facebook is not the only culprit – then attempts to lock users in to the service by making it impossible to take the information elsewhere.

The point is that services such as Facebook have to recognise that they don’t own the information which makes their service valuable.”

Sottolineo: Ricevono le informazioni gratis, le monetizzano, e si tengono tutti i soldi.

Per chiarire: nel preciso istante in cui Twitter dovesse introdurre la pubblicità, io lo mollo.