Do we need newspapers? No.

Per aggiungere materiale alla interessante discussione tra Luca De Biase (qui e qui) e Massimo Mantellini (qui e qui) su BlogBurst, citerei quest’ottimo post del sempre acuto Jeff Jarvis:

“Do we need newspapers? No. Do we need news and journalism and an informed democracy? Of course we do. But paper? Why? Too often, I hear editors pleading to save newspapers and newsrooms as their status quo is threatened by plummeting circulation, imploding advertising, impatient shareholders, multimedia youth and the Internet. Everyone is to blame for newspapers? pickle, it seems, but the newspapers themselves.

Yet perhaps the era of newspapers as we now know them is simply over. Especially since broadcast killed competitive newspapers, they have become one-size-fits-all vehicles that cannot possibly be all things to all people; they may be convenient, but they are also inefficient and shallow compared with the depth of the Internet. Newspapers are inevitably stale next to broadcast and online. They are inefficient advertising vehicles for highly targeted sales – classifieds and very local retail. Newspapers are terribly expensive to produce and distribute in a marketplace where your competition is free.”

Alla luce di queste parole, mi sembra che BlogBurst possa essere interpretato come un tentativo di resistenza al nuovo che avanza.