How Might RSS Affect Community?

Interessante post di Frank Poynter sul fatto che i feed RSS non sono perfetti:

Today we know that Robert Scoble values Ledgard’s blog. We know that because of his kind words and his act of subcribing. But Scoble maintains a short list for a blog roll… seventeen bloggers. Unlike Jenny Levine, Robert Scoble doesn’t publish his aggregator links. [Personal reminder… I KNOW it’s his blog and he has the right to do what he wants with it, and I’m not suggesting otherwise]. Since the aggregator contents are private, the public web aspect of Scoble’s blog experience is fore-shortened. Our perspective of his blog interests is limited to the 17 A-listers in his right column.

L’argomento è da approfondire. Scappo che ho il concerto.