How I emailed myself into a job and blogged my way out of it

La Apple ha licenziato Kevin venerdì scorso, ma lui l’ha presa benissimo:

My corporate manager fired me on Friday for not meeting his goals.

Rather than fight it, I am going to take this as a cue to follow a new direction. I’ll look to my new ‘weak ties’ for inspiration.

Questa cosa dei ‘legami deboli’ l’avevano tirata fuori Joi:

I recently hired two people who were IRC regulars. I felt very comfortable after “getting to know them” over the last few months on IRC. Of course face to face meetings and interviews were essential, but the time spent with them on IRC really added to my ability to judge their character. I realize now that I am actively recruiting from my network of weak ties on the Net and also using the Net to meet interesting people to connect with others who might be good collaborators for those interesting people. The Net has always been a big part of my arsenal of networking tools, but I think it’s reaching a whole new level

e Ross:

Don’t email me, its broken and you will only bother me. But do spend time in these spaces, not for me, but for yourself and the real relationships you will foster. Thank goodness we all woke up and realized the people around us matter