Dollar Songs

A conferma di come la penso su iTunes, mi soccorre QuintoStato che linka questo articolo da Wired News.

Vi si sostiene tra l’altro che il prezzo giusto sarebbe 18 centesimi per canzone. Riguardo ai prezzi delle alternative legali:

“At Pressplay, a music site backed by Sony and Universal Music Group, users pay $10 a month for unlimited downloads and streaming from its online catalog. “Portable downloads,” which can be played on multiple devices, cost between 80 cents and $1.20 each, depending on the number purchased. charges $10 a month for unlimited access to its music collection, plus another $1 for each track burned to a CD.

MusicNet, created by Warner Music Group, BMG Entertainment and EMI Recorded Music, has a somewhat different model. Subscribers who access the service through RealNetworks pay $5 to download up to 100 songs per month.”

E ancora non ci siamo.