Britney Spears è il mainframe dell’industria discografica

Parliamo del futuro: come verranno pagati gli artisti nell’era del file sharing? Dan Bricklin fa una analisi assai accurata sul passato, sul presente e sui possibili sviluppi futuri:

“There is a self-fulfilling prophesy where only huge sellers bringing in large revenues are pursued. Small fan bases, even if solid and large enough to fully fund the artist themselves with a very acceptable life compared to other professions, do not fit in this model. A few big hits are viewed as more important than a myriad of small ones, each with a happy artist and happy fans. There seems to be a drive to create a few “superstars” instead of many full-time artists. This is bad economics if in catering to the big players we develop technologies and norms that hamper the “business models” of the smaller players.

Technology is making the cost of practicing many types of art less expensive. For example, recording and editing equipment of high quality that used to cost hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars is becoming something even a hobbyist can afford and use. Manufacturing and distribution of many media forms is becoming almost cost free. Communications to a widely dispersed fan base has dropped to a minor cost as mailing and the need for advertising is replaced with email and web sites. (Discussing this with someone, he basically asked: “Is the Britney Spears model the mainframe of the music business?”)”.

Ripeti con me: “Personalizzazione, disintermediazione. Personalizzazione, disintermediazione. Personalizzazione…”

Grazie a David per la dritta.