Per uscire da un buco ci vuole una pala, non uno slogan

Jonathon Dealcour dice tra l’altro che:

  • Military victory in Iraq is irrelevant, the political war is lost.
  • If the coalition "wins" militarily, they will eventually lose the war of occupation (as did the French and the United States in Vietnam). If they lose militarily, Islamic fundamentalism–and, consequently, terrorism–will be strengthened and energized.
  • We are now all at greater risk than had the war not been prosecuted.
  • We don’t have the right leadership. To put it bluntly, we’re fucked.
  • Chanting "End the war" and "We want peace" is a ludicrous response to the predicament we now find ourselves in.

Questo sembra essere il consenso generale tra quelli che hanno riflettuto a fondo sull’argomento. Tutti gli altri sperano in un miracolo.