Telecomunicazioni alla frutta

Riprendo integralmente da Techdirt nel caso ti fosse sfuggita questa:

“I didn’t post the news of Worldcom’s stupendous $80 billion writedown last week, because any news coming out of Worldcom these days just seems too ridiculous to bother with.

However, this article looks more closely at the news to suggest it’s a sign of further problems for the whole telecom industry. Much of the writedown was expected, but the fact that Worldcom wrote down their hard assets – stuff they paid cash for. People expected the writedown on their stock purchases and other intangibles. However, they weren’t expecting to find out that all their equipment was worth a fraction of what they paid for it.

That’s likely to be true for everyone in the industry, and the article suggests we should expect similar writedowns from all the other major telecom players. Basically, everyone overbought during the bubble years, and now much of that equipment is sitting around useless.

That’s bad news for telecom companies, and worse news for those that supply them with equipment.”

Ma Tronchetti Provera ha già dichiarato che a loro questo fatto non li tocca: sarà vero?