Windows Server 2003 Release Criteria

  1. All known Security issues resolved.
  2. All known WER/Reliability issues resolved.
  3. Zero OTG open critical issues with all relevant escrow fixes validated.
  4. Zero JDP deployment blockers.
  5. Zero OEM deployment blockers.
  6. Reliability better than Windows 2000 & XP in all areas.
  7. No Application RC2 regressions.
  8. No Device RC2 regressions.
  9. All known IEHARD issues resolved & documented.
  10. All teams hit longhaul uptime goal of 21 days.
  11. All test teams have completed passes across test buckets & met sign-off criteria.
  12. All key server scenarios deployable in profuction.
  13. Datacenter HCT meets 90% pass rate.
  14. Exchange Titanium Beta* deployable & stable on Server 2003.
  15. Itanium 2 Workstation Meets OEM ship requirements.
  16. All resolved bugs are verified and closed.
  17. All legal deliverables complete (EULAs, Compliance).
  18. No Geopolitical or Accessibility blockers.
  19. All teams signed off.
  20. Media Validation.

Questo è il testo del cartellone che si trova nella Windows 2003 War Room di Microsoft, dove si decide il codice della prossima versione di Windows. Grazie a Robert Scoble per la foto.