Community starter? Ma de che! – Microsoft annusa i blog:

“ci sono pochi dubbi sul fatto che il Community Starter Kit di Microsoft sia uno strumento adatto (in teoria, non lo abbiamo provato) alla realizzazione di weblog”

Megnut – Beware the false blog software

“You can also use Microsoft Notepad and an FTP client to build a weblog, but that doesn’t mean they were designed for that, or that it’s easy to do”

Jon – Trendspotting:

It’s just scary how measurable things are nowadays. Six months ago I ran some Google queries for “microsoft blogs” and “apple blogs” and “linux blogs” and blogged the results. Here is an update:

9/23/2002 2/21/2003 % change
"microsoft blogs" 3 46 1533%
"apple blogs" 107 105 98%
"linux blogs" 522 691 132%