Fare soldi con i blogs

Carlo blogga a prescindere, mentre Eric trova che la rete distrugge il valore.

Acutamente Kevin pensa che la rete aumenta il valore perchè aumenta la frequenza degli scambi e dminuisce il costo della transazione:

This shows a profound misunderstanding of economic value. Value is created by exchange. If I buy a sushi lunch, I value it more than the $12 it costs me. Conversely the sushi chef values the $12 more than the sushi. If this wasn’t true, one of us would not make the trade. Thus, by trading, we have increased the total amount of value in the world.

The net enables these kinds of exchanges to happen more easily, reducing friction and delays, as well as enabling other value-creating ones like this conversation.

Arbitrage is when you move things from one place where they are less valued to another where they are more valued, and keep the differnce (less transport costs). This ‘taking between’ is the literal meaning of ‘entrepreneur’. The net, by easing communication, reduces the opportunities for these kinds of gains.

Insomma: è la disintermediazione, baby!