Web as a medium, web as a place

Oggi ti segnalo un intervento di Doc Searls sulle metafore del web. Prosa lucida e acuta, come sempre:

…So he talks about a medium here. So does Hollywood. So does Congress. So does the FCC.

Some of us also talk about the Web as a place. Different metaphor. Radically different, in fact.

One sees the Net as a distribution system for content that is addressed for delivery by downloading or streaming to an end user or a consumer.

The other sees the Net as a commons with locations and sites with adresses, where people connect when they link or point or talk or blog or surf or post or put something up — all of which one does when one is located somewhere.

The prepositions are the give-aways. By one metaphor, the Net is something you go through. By the other metaphor, the Net is something you go on.

Molto interessante.