Oxygen and Gold

Clay Shirky ti spiega con parole semplici ma efficaci perché non puoi sperare di cavare soldi da un weblog:

Clay Shirky

This destruction of value is what makes weblogs so important. We want a world where global publishing is effortless. We want a world where you don’t have to ask for help or permission to write out loud. However, when we get that world we face the paradox of oxygen and gold. Oxygen is more vital to human life than gold, but because air is abundant, oxygen is free. Weblogs make writing as abundant as air, with the same effect on price. Prior to the web, people paid for most of the words they read. Now, for a large and growing number of us, most of the words we read cost us nothing.

L’unica ricompensa possibile è quella di far parte della conversazione. O forse scrivere un libro sui weblog…