L’etica del weblog

L’avrai sicuramente già letto, ma voglio copiare quel che Doc ha appena detto sull’etica dei weblog:

What we have going for us here in the blog world is a different kind of familiarity with the people we read. We also have the opportunity to fact-check the crap out each other, and watch Google put it all on its public record.

There is also a very different sense of the first person plural, of we. It’s a social place, this blogging world. More like a public market, full of gossip and noise and the sounds of vendors selling and customers arguing.

And, like an old fashioned public market, nobody owns or dominates the conversation. Not even Microsoft. Maybe not even Google.

E per un esempio di “opportunity to fact-check the crap out each other“, vedi l’Arianna senza filo qui sotto.