Gli standards della TV Digitale

A Brief History of HDTV explains all (original author unknown):

  1. Broadcast Industry asks for bandwidth for HDTV
  2. FCC says OK, we’ll set aside bandwidth for HDTV. What standards?
  3. Industry says No standards, please and comes up with EIGHTEEN recommended formats for HDTV. I am not shitting you.
  4. FCC says Isn’t 18 different standards a bit much?
  5. Industry says Shut the f!@# up FCC, we know what we are doing. The market will handle this!
  6. Consumer Electronics dudes whine 18 formats make every thing cost more, you are f!@#ing us!
  7. FCC says OK, it’s your call on standards, 18 formats is fine, in fact there are NO STANDARDS AT ALL, because we are letting the market decide, but you start broadcasting HDTV now or we take back the FREE bandwidth.
  8. Industry says What? We really just want the free bandwidth. You really want us to do HDTV??
  9. Congress says F!@# you Industry. Broadcast HDTV or we’ll legislate your asses back to Sunday!
  10. Industry says We’re f!@#ed. 18 formats? Why the hell did we do that? Let’s change it.
  11. Consumer Electronics dudes say You ain’t changing shit. We are already building the boxes you said you wanted built.
  12. FCC says Yah, ya boneheads, we told you 18 was too many, now you gotta live with it.
  13. Industry says Well FCC, will you at least make the cable companies carry the HDTV at no charge?
  14. Cable companies say F!@# you! You gotta pay! Bwah-ha-ha-ha!
  15. FCC says Yep, no federal mandate on carrying HDTV, we are letting the market handle that.
  16. Industry says We are so f!@#ed. We are spending 5-10 million per TV station in hardware alone and have 1000 HDTV viewers per city, even in LA!
  17. Consumer at home says Where is my HDTV? Why does it cost so much? F!@# it, I’m sticking with cable/DirecTV.
  18. Consumer electronics dudes, broadcast industry, FCC, and Congress all cry. Cable companies laugh and make even bigger profits.

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