Cos’è un Blog? Veramente?

Stavros the Wonder Chicken ha letto il pezzo di Meg che riportavo qui sotto e lo ha trovato un poco troppo tiepido, troppo tecnologico, e sulfureamente si chiede:

“Have so many people lost sight of the fact that the vast majority of humanity just doesn’t give a shit about blogging, and probably never will? But at the same time, that same majority loves poetry and music, stories and songs, all manner of art and craft. But they don’t care about the technology, even if we do.”

E’ vero, a un sacco di gente non frega niente dei weblogs. Un sacco di gente non spende la sua vita davanti a video, mouse e tastiera. E non per questo vive una vita meno piena. E ancora:

“…the tools, the technology of it all, the minutiae of the format, these are not the common ground from which the communities and friendships and creative ferment that blogspace is fostering spring. This, to my mind, is a dangerous misconception that will ensure that what we are doing remains on the sidelines of the new mediaspace, a diversion of the geek and the technofetishist.

The fertile common ground is the common ground we share as humans: our creative urge, our need to find like-minded people, our need to challenge ourselves and others, our need for play and conversation, our fascination with the New.

Un appello quindi all’umanesimo invece che alle tecnologie. Mi sembra la storia di sempre: le nuove tecnologie ci danno solo nuovi strumenti per fare le solite porcherie, o ci cambiano?