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Qualche citazione da “For the Love of Money” di David C. Korten apparso sul blog Community of Minds:

Forbes tells us the world now has 358 billionaires. Their combined net worth exceeds the combined net worth of the world’s poorest 2½ billion people. This is but one manifestation of the extreme economic and social distortions created by the globalized free market economy idealized by business publications such as Forbes and Business Week.

David C. Korten

For example, the popular Nike athletic shoes that sell for US$73 to $135 around the world are produced by 75,000 workers employed by independent contractors in low income countries. A substantial portion of these workers are in Indonesia–mostly women and girls housed in company barracks, paid as little as 15 cents an hour, and required to work mandatory overtime. Unions are forbidden and strikes are broken up by the military. In 1992, Michael Jordan reportedly received $20 million from the Nike corporation to promote the sale of its shoes, more than the total compensation paid to the Indonesian women who made them.

La tesi di fondo: crescita economica e liberismo godono di tale venerazione nella nostra cultura che raramente troviamo il coraggio di chiederci perché dare loro precedenza sopra ai bisogni della gente e della natura. Bisogna sempre chiedersi il perché.