…e la New Economy è contro le corporations

Continuando il discorso di prima sul copyright, ma ampliando gli orizzonti a una visione più generale, John Robb di Userland blogga due intelligenti articoli che ti consiglio senz’altro: The New Economy e The New Economy II. Per darti un’idea:

“Since 1993, the economic statistics for the US economy have been wonderful. Productivity is way up and accelerating, wages are up and increasing, and inflation is down and declining. We are getting more competitive, more leveraged, and wealthier — while the cost of goods has remained static. The only “bad news” is in corporate profits.

John Robb

…The combination of improved wages and low prices will benefit the vast majority of us more than a corporate led economy. I suspect that a combination of low to declining inflation with modest to strong wage growth could double the personal wealth of most Americans by 2015. This new wealth trend, based on income growth and stable prices, will be broad-based and slower than the previous corporate/stock market led trend of rapid wealth improvements within a narrow slice of the population. This means that super luxury will be replaced by affordable luxury.”