Connectivity Convergence

Kevin Marks riassume brillantemente i termini della questione:

“The ideal that we’re all after is a commoditized ‘stupid’ packet switching network, with intelligence at the ends in applications…

…The first alternative is ‘circuit switching’ instead of packet switching. This is the bad solution that gets reinvented continuously by people who like thinking about wires. The notion is that there is a continuous connection between two endpoints that is guaranteed to be unbroken…

…bad paradigm 2 – the broadcast mindset of networks optimised for ‘content delivery’.

The ‘content’ industry is really several different pseudo-marketplaces joined together in odd ways through vertical integration. At one end is the VC-like fashion business of choosing which movie or pop singer to invest in.

Then there is the long chain of distribution selling the resulting works, often controlled by the Studio or Label.

Finally there is the weird inverted marketplace of broadcasting where the audience is sold to advertisers with the ‘content’ as bait, but then the ‘content’ used gets manipulated to promote sales through ‘payola’.”

Molto ben detto, Kevin!