Lo Zen e l’arte di guardare la televisione

Ancora sulla televisione. Molla tutto e corri a leggerti Adam Curry che ragiona sul weblog come tempo rubato alla televisione, e cita The Zen TV Experiment di Bernard McGrane.

Adam Curry dice:

Shoot, give me $65 million in advertising and I’ll bet you I can be mayor of NY. [ti ricorda qualcosa?]

Soft money donations get people elected. Most of that money is spent on media, repetitive commercials and messages created by the same television professionals using the same tricks they play to sell you everything from zit-cream to life insurance

Weblogging is changing our view of the world. Mainly because we are now writing about our own views. Instead of watching the editied for tv version we are taking the time to collect, rearrange, codify and publish our own version of what we see. We are exercizing our brains, making them stronger, linking them with others who are also emerging from the hypnotic depths of mass-media.

Bernard suggerisce questo esperimento:

1. Watch any TV show for 15 minutes without turning on the sound.

2. Watch any news program for 15 minutes without turning on the sound.

3. Watch television for one half hour without turning it on.

The time requirements in these experiments are extremely important. I would urge you, the reader, to undertake the experiment personally rather than merely going on to read the results.

Se guardi la TV senza il sonoro, puoi concentrarti sugli aspetti tecnici: i tagli, le zoomate, le carrellate. Riesci a staccarti dalla scena e a vederla “dalla parte del regista”. Esercizi che andrebbero ripetuti ogni anno nella scuola dell’obbligo.