In English, for Sharon’s sake!

Sharon made me think about big guys and small guys. At the end of a lovely email she wrote me today:

Noticing the trend of ‘the big boys’ to be on everyone’s blogs and us little guys to be on only a few, I’m hoping that we can continue to promote each other. I love the idea of the blogroll, as that is what builds a community.

Which caused me to wonder: is blogstardom to be actively seeked? Shall we blog for fame and glory?

Yes, there are some blogs that are more popular, more cited, more blogwhored than others. What makes them relevant to me, and relevancy is a totally subjective perception, is their voice. I like their tone, and find their subjects interesting, inspiring, provocative, amusing.

But they cannot force their popularity upon me, nor buy their way to blogstardom. If they stop saying interesting things, or if I stop finding interesting what they say, they are no longer popular with me.

So I looked in awe at the logs of my site, showing almost 1000 different readers of this page in the last two months, which means a lot of people I never met, and asked myself:

a) is unemployment running this high?

b) do I care?

c) should I do something?

My answers are yes, yes, and no. Just a suggestion:

Vai trabalhar, vagabundo!