Ancora sullo spam

Da: Vanessa Lintner []
Inviato: domenica 25 novembre 2001 3.09


Oggetto: I have visited WWW.GASPARTORRIERO.IT and noticed that …


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Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,

Vanessa Lintner

Sales & Marketing

Da: Pippo Baudo []

A: Vanessa Litner

Dear Vanessa,

Yes, you are right: my website is not listed on some search engines. But as you have seen visiting my pages, this is a personal site I made for my friends, close relatives, and customers that already know me well.

I do not want to increase the numbers of visitors. I may want to increase the number of friends that will visit my site, but this is better done in person.

As you have seen, visiting my site, I have nothing to sell.

But maybe you have not visited my site, maybe you have just spammed me? You do not want to be my friend? What a pity.

Anyway, I wish you best luck out there in Beijing.