Colonoscopia: scambio di idee ieri notte con David

Scambio di idee ieri notte con David:

Da: Gaspar

A: David

You blogged:

“The feedback made it worthwhile, but showing people what I’d written but not revised made me feel as good as getting a rectal exam in a Macy’s store window…”

You may not belive this, but on Swiss television this very Friday, during the evening live medicine show, a guy from the public had a colonoscopy in front of the cameras. He seemed to enjoy the attention, being interviewed and all. Very nice live video of his rectum and colon.

Regards from Italy,


Da: David

A: Gaspar

It it is with great pride that I inform you that America is once again providing the world with the leadership it so desperately needs. A few months ago, Katie Couric, the cute-as-a-button co-anchor of the morning news talk show, broadcast her own colonoscopy. (Her husband died of cancer, so this both Informed the Public and must have been some type of weird, psychological expiation.)